Ceramics Open Paint


Our studios in Hudson, Woodbury and Eau Claire have everything you need to create a ceramics piece. Open paint is available during our normal business hours.

You just walk in, choose a piece, get the paints and start creating.

Once you’re finished with your creative piece, we fire it in our on-site kiln and you can pick it up about a week later.

The Open Paint Ceramics Process:

No reservation required. Walk in, chose from our selection of ceramics and supplies, and work on your piece. Once you’re done, we fire it in our kiln and call you when it’s done.!

  1. Choose a ceramics piece. Ceramics are priced per piece – starting at $5.99
  2. Gather your paints and supplies
  3. Create your masterpiece! Our staff are here to help
  4. When you’re finished – we fire on-site in our kiln
  5. Return and pick-up your ceramic within seven days
  6. Place in your home – or give as a gift – and post a picture on social media for all to enjoy


  • Ceramics piece
  • Paints and supplies
  • Studio space
  • Firing in our kiln

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need a reservation to do ceramics?
No - just walk in during normal business hours and start creating.

What are ceramics?
Clay ready to be fired. You add the glaze.

What is Open Paint?
Our studio is available for walk-ins during normal business hours.

How does ceramics open paint work?
Ceramics are priced per piece and includes studio time, paints, and kiln firing.

How long does it take to fire?
We fire your ceramics on site. You will receive it within seven days.

How long does it take to paint?
You can work at your own pace. It typically takes an hour or longer depending on the detail.

What supplies are available?
We supply glazes, stencils, sponges, stamps, pens, and more.

Will there be staff on site to help?
Yes! Our friendly and super-creative staff are on-site to help.

Available at the Woodbury Cheers Pablo location only.