Wood Stencils

On our calendar every month, we highlight a special wood stencil class. Before you register, take a look at our wood stencil gallery below and select the one for you. When you register for a stencil class at one of our locations, put the stencil name you would like to create as well as any personalization information we may need (i.e. name, established date) in our notes section.

If you don’t find a stencil that jumps out at you and have something in mind just let us know; we may be able to create something just for you.

As you look at each design, remember, our color selections are optional. Participants are encouraged to paint with the colors and stains they believe are best. So join us for an upcoming wood stencil class. Simply pick it, plan it, paint it. Our studio calendars are below.

*food and drinks are available at our stencil classes like every other class!

Wood Canvases

*select locations offer wood canvases in place of gallery canvases for an extra $10 charge. Interested? Call the location to see if this is an option.